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divendres, 15 novembre de 2013

Braguetes I- MsMW

Últimament  vaig  molt atrafegada amb  la  feina i la família, i tot  i que  m'agradaria  publicar  més al  bloc no hi ha  manera  de trobar el temps... però cosir, segueixo cosint sempre que  puc.

Avui us  vull  ensenyar  les  braguetes de  prova que  he  cosit per  participar a la MsMW de  la pantigana. Ho han  muntat  entre  l'Angie  de  la Pantigana  i  na  Yolanda  de  Pandielleando.  Gràcies  guapes!

Com us  he  dit és  una  prova, completament  utilitzable  i que  penso estrenar demà mateix, però estic esperant  que  m'arribi un foe decorat  que  he  encarregat!!!

La tela  que  he  utilitzat  la  vaig comprar  a una botiga  alemanya ja fa temps. És molt  elàstica  i fineta; fa  pinta de ser  molt  còmoda. El FOE el tenia  per  casa amb  la  idea  de  fer-li unes braguetes a la meva  filla, però de moment  haurà d'esperar, jeje.

divendres, 1 novembre de 2013

Geranium dress

I'm REALLY behind in posting  my projects. In fact, most  of them remind  in the dark and  are  never blogged. Snif, snif. There's very little spare time  in my  daily routine, so I mostly  invest  it  in sewing rather  than blogging.

This is a wearable muslin of the geranium dress. I sewed it several months ago,

but it sit on a shelf waiting for some buttons on the back...

I solved it with some heart shaped snaps, though.

When Rae launched this pattern there were only the smaller sizes available. Although she promised to have the bigger sizes ready for summer, I couldn't wait. I was in love with this dress. So I bought the small sizes pattern and drafted size 7 myself.  I'm so happy I did it! There are, of course, many  details  to be  fixed, but I'm happy with the experience.
I bought te bigger sizes version when it was available, since pattern grading   takes  A LOT  of time, and  that's exactley what  I  need: time. Soooo, I really  think it's worth buying the  pattern and  being  sure everything is  going to fit  perfectly. You can expect  more geraniums  coming  up next  summer. Sure.

Unfortunately, my daughter thinks she's too old to wear a "baby print" and refuses to wear the dress again ...snif, snif .

She's growing up so fast!

dilluns, 2 setembre de 2013

Pinzellades al món: Cosint, amb fil i agulla / Cosiendo, con hilo y ag...

Pinzellades al món: Cosint, amb fil i agulla / Cosiendo, con hilo y ag...: Il·lustració d' Irene Owens Fila a l'agulla i a cosir la setmana, el mes, el nou curs escolar. Puntada a puntada, sense press...

he tengut la sort de gaudir d'aquesta entrada del bloc de  pinzellades al món (gràcies Bel) i no podia deixar de compartir-lo amb  vosaltres.

dissabte, 24 agost de 2013

Hanami pattern test

Hi all!

I was  super happy  when An sent  me  an e-mail saying  I had  been selected as  a  Hanami pattern tester!

An's patterns are  so beautiful! very clean and  nice designs, very well explained  instructions, lots  of's  impossible to get  lost and  best  of  all: everything  fits  perfectly, all pieces match to perfection so pleasant  sewing  experience is guaranteed. Sizes  go from 1 year  to 10 years old, and you have  many, many options to sew completely  different tops or  dresses for   only  $8! Just  to learn how  to install an invisible  zipper to a fully  lined bodice it's worth the price. But, don't worry! if  you're  afraid  of  zippers you can try the  buttoned crossed back.

Here is  my girl's  new  top. I chose to sew the  crossed back top. I fell in love  with it  the very first  time  An posted a picture  of it  in her  blog.

I used a white textured gauze, that  had  to be  a  top for  myself, but  happened  to  be  the  perfect  fabric  for this  top ;)

To complete the  outfit  I also sewed some  shorts in a  solid green fabric that  happened  to be  the  perfect  shade  of  green to match with the  top! 

and  a hair  bow in the  same  fabric I used for the  top

You can find  the  pattern to make  the  bow -it's  a  free  pattern by Oliver +S!- HERE

and  they're  so cute, so easy to make  and  use  so little fabric  that  I couldn't help myself and  added two more  of  them to the  sides  of   the  cuffs of the  shorts

By the  way, the  patterns  for  the  shorts  is  a  free one too: The  anyday banded  shorts  by Create  and delegate. It  comes  in sizes 2 to 5, but  you can easily adjust  the  pattern to make  a  bigger  size  as  I did.

One  more picture  of  the  back of  the  top. I  love  it!

But, As  I  told you, my  daughter loooooooves  this  top, so I  had  to make  another  one! This  time  an sleeveless version. It's VERY hot  here  at  summer, we  can easily  reach 30-35ºC (85-95 ºF) so lighter  clothing  is  a must  during  the  sunny  hours!

I'm sure  it will get  lots of  use!

Thank you An for  having  me  as  a tester!

dimarts, 20 agost de 2013

Fedora Hat by Elegance and Elephants

These are  my  most recent  sewing  projects. Again, a  pattern test!

I was so so excited  when Heidi contacted me to test her  new  pattern the FEDORA HAT! I immediately answered YES!

It was  my  first  time  testing  an Elegance & Elephants pattern,  but  not  my  first  time  sewing  with one  of  Heidi's patterns (I recently sewed the  bubble pockets  shorts, I hope  to blog  about  it  soon), so I was  sure the results would  be  great!

And  I was  right. Don't  you think so?

Just  have  a look at  the  beautiful professional finishings of the  interior  of  the  hat. Wow!  I can hardly  believe I've  made it  myself!

I't's not  definetly  a  beginners  pattern, but  I would  absolutely recommend it  for  intermediate  sewers. It's not  that it's  complicated, but  you need some  sewing  experience  to sew thrugh many layers of  heavy interfaced tweed or  wool fabric, I guess.

You did  a  great  job Heidi, congrats! And  thank you for  having  me  as a tester!

dimecres, 14 agost de 2013

Flipping the Tinny

I was  very excited  to see  that  one  of  the  patterns in the flip contest was  the  Tinny. As I told you in previous  posts I was  a tester  for  An's  pattern and  was  so pleased that  I was  determined  to make  another  one, the  third, but  this  time  an sleeveless version. That  was  a  FLIP that  I  had in mind, wasn't it? So, it  was  a very easy decision.

 So these  were  my  changes to the  original pattern:
I lowered the neckline on both back and front bodice, narrowed the width of the shoulders, and also replaced the zipper with these big colourful heart-shaped buttons.

Also added piping all around the neckline, armscyes and back and added a waistband on the front and a bow at the back.
I used the bodice pieces of the pattern and the circle skirt option. I love how the pieces match to the milimetre! No extra fabric in any of the pieces = no extra work to adjust it = super fast no-trouble assembly of the dress , yay!

And best of all is that my daughter is in love with the dress! She couldn't wait to wear it!

dimecres, 31 juliol de 2013

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