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Geranium dress

I'm REALLY behind in posting  my projects. In fact, most  of them remind  in the dark and  are  never blogged. Snif, snif. There's very little spare time  in my  daily routine, so I mostly  invest  it  in sewing rather  than blogging.

This is a wearable muslin of the geranium dress. I sewed it several months ago,

but it sit on a shelf waiting for some buttons on the back...

I solved it with some heart shaped snaps, though.

When Rae launched this pattern there were only the smaller sizes available. Although she promised to have the bigger sizes ready for summer, I couldn't wait. I was in love with this dress. So I bought the small sizes pattern and drafted size 7 myself.  I'm so happy I did it! There are, of course, many  details  to be  fixed, but I'm happy with the experience.
I bought te bigger sizes version when it was available, since pattern grading   takes  A LOT  of time, and  that's exactley what  I  need: time. Soooo, I really  think it's worth buying the  pattern and  being  sure everything is  going to fit  perfectly. You can expect  more geraniums  coming  up next  summer. Sure.

Unfortunately, my daughter thinks she's too old to wear a "baby print" and refuses to wear the dress again ...snif, snif .

She's growing up so fast!

4 comentaris:

  1. Love the bright colours! Makes me long for the sun ;o)

  2. Vaya pena que no quiera ponerse el vestido! Para mi esta guapisima y el vestido te ha quedado super bien, pero claro, ella es la que manda jajajaja!

  3. No m'ho puc creure.... no li agrada? Això em sona.... és deseperant quan les "princeses" no volen posar-se alguna cosa que ha cosit la mama amb tant d'amor. Ohhhh....

  4. Pues a mi me chifla esa tela aunque la entiendo perfectamente. Y eso que está guapísima. Bueno ya me he puesto al día contigo. Seguimos por aquí!!