dimarts, 20 d’agost de 2013

Fedora Hat by Elegance and Elephants

These are  my  most recent  sewing  projects. Again, a  pattern test!

I was so so excited  when Heidi contacted me to test her  new  pattern the FEDORA HAT! I immediately answered YES!

It was  my  first  time  testing  an Elegance & Elephants pattern,  but  not  my  first  time  sewing  with one  of  Heidi's patterns (I recently sewed the  bubble pockets  shorts, I hope  to blog  about  it  soon), so I was  sure the results would  be  great!

And  I was  right. Don't  you think so?

Just  have  a look at  the  beautiful professional finishings of the  interior  of  the  hat. Wow!  I can hardly  believe I've  made it  myself!

I't's not  definetly  a  beginners  pattern, but  I would  absolutely recommend it  for  intermediate  sewers. It's not  that it's  complicated, but  you need some  sewing  experience  to sew thrugh many layers of  heavy interfaced tweed or  wool fabric, I guess.

You did  a  great  job Heidi, congrats! And  thank you for  having  me  as a tester!

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