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Hanami pattern test

Hi all!

I was  super happy  when An sent  me  an e-mail saying  I had  been selected as  a  Hanami pattern tester!

An's patterns are  so beautiful! very clean and  nice designs, very well explained  instructions, lots  of photos...it's  impossible to get  lost and  best  of  all: everything  fits  perfectly, all pieces match to perfection so pleasant  sewing  experience is guaranteed. Sizes  go from 1 year  to 10 years old, and you have  many, many options to sew completely  different tops or  dresses for   only  $8! Just  to learn how  to install an invisible  zipper to a fully  lined bodice it's worth the price. But, don't worry! if  you're  afraid  of  zippers you can try the  buttoned crossed back.

Here is  my girl's  new  top. I chose to sew the  crossed back top. I fell in love  with it  the very first  time  An posted a picture  of it  in her  blog.

I used a white textured gauze, that  had  to be  a  top for  myself, but  happened  to  be  the  perfect  fabric  for this  top ;)

To complete the  outfit  I also sewed some  shorts in a  solid green fabric that  happened  to be  the  perfect  shade  of  green to match with the  top! 

and  a hair  bow in the  same  fabric I used for the  top

You can find  the  pattern to make  the  bow -it's  a  free  pattern by Oliver +S!- HERE

and  they're  so cute, so easy to make  and  use  so little fabric  that  I couldn't help myself and  added two more  of  them to the  sides  of   the  cuffs of the  shorts

By the  way, the  patterns  for  the  shorts  is  a  free one too: The  anyday banded  shorts  by Create  and delegate. It  comes  in sizes 2 to 5, but  you can easily adjust  the  pattern to make  a  bigger  size  as  I did.

One  more picture  of  the  back of  the  top. I  love  it!

But, As  I  told you, my  daughter loooooooves  this  top, so I  had  to make  another  one! This  time  an sleeveless version. It's VERY hot  here  at  summer, we  can easily  reach 30-35ºC (85-95 ºF) so lighter  clothing  is  a must  during  the  sunny  hours!

I'm sure  it will get  lots of  use!

Thank you An for  having  me  as  a tester!

10 comentaris:

  1. Looks very nice.
    The shorts are sooo cute!

  2. The sleeveless version looks awesome!


  3. It's true, the gauze is the perfect fabric for that top! I love the combination with the shorts. and actually, a matching hairbow was also on my to-do-list...
    The sleeveless version is really beautiful too!

  4. Both tops are so lovely. I love the white and green gauze fabric.

  5. This is my first time visiting your blog, it's nice to meet you :)
    I am sewing some of those bow hair ties very soon!

  6. Both tops look so adorable, Maria! Gauze is really my favorite fabric for these kinds of garments. Thank you so much for all your help and support as a pattern tester - I couldn't do it without all your detailed feedback!

  7. Lovely tops, and lovely princess!! Both look just great!